Feeling Alive 2013
Feeling Alive (Radio Edit)
Feeling Alive (Extended Mix) 

Something 2013
Something 2013(Radio Edit) 

Can’t Stop 2012

Can’t Stop (Radio Edit)
Can’t Stop (Extended Mix)

Sky High 2012Sky High (Radio Edit)
Sky High (Extended Mix)

Here With Me 2011

Here With Me (Radio Edit)
Here With Me (Extended Club Mix)

Tonight 2010

Tonight (Radio Edit)
Tonight(Extended Mix)
Tonight(Essential Groovers Remix)
Tonight(Essential Groovers Dub)

Over You 2009

Over You (Radio Edit)
Over You (Extended Mix)
Over You (Munkie Boi S Bootie Dub)

Lost 2009

Lost (Radio Edit)
Lost (Extended Mix)
Lost (Jordy Lishious Remix)

Gone 2009

Gone (Radio Edit)
Gone (Extended Mix)
Gone (Sebastian Dali Remix)
Gone (Felix Project Remix)

Out Of My Mind 2008

Out of My Mind (Radio Edit)
Out of My Mind (Original Mix)
Out Of My Mind (Sebastian Dali Remix)
Out Of My Mind (Felix Project Remix)

Hold Me Now 2006

Hold Me Now (Album Edit)
Hold Me Now (Giuseppe D.’s Gemini Remix Edit)
Hold Me Now (Summer Mix)
Hold Me Now (Basto! Bootleg Mix)
Hold Me Now (Giuseppe D.’s Gemini Remix)
Hold Me Now (Basto! In Wonderland)

Lying 2005

Lying (radio edit)
Lying (Peter Luts and G-Bric Remix)
Lying (dave mccullen mix)
Lying (extended)

Who’s That Girl 2005

Who’s That Girl (Extended Mix)
Who’s That Girl (Peter Luts Remix)
Who’s That Girl (Radio Edit)

All Night Long 2005

All Night Long (McCullen And Ritter Mix)
All Night Long (Peter Luts Remix)
All Night Long (Radio Edit)
All Night Long (Extended)

Surrender 2003/2004

Surrender (Radio Hit Mix)
Surrender (Radio Edit)
Surrender (Extended)
Surrender (Pulsedrivers Vox Remix)
Surrender (Pulsedrivers Dub Remix)
Surrender (Ronald Van Gelderen Remix)
Surrender (Cor Fijneman Remix)
Surrender (Lmc Radio Edit)
Surrender (Lmc Remix)
Surrender (Peter Luts Remix)
Surrender (Jan Vervloet Remix)
Surrender (Nick Skitz Club Mix)
Surrender (McCullen Outlaw Mix)
Surrender (McCullen vs Moldenhauer Remix)

I Wonder (Vinyl 2003)

I Wonder (Promo Edit)
I Wonder (Extended)
I Wonder (Original Club Mix)
I Wonder (Star Splash Remix)

Pray 2002

Pray (Radio Edit)
Pray (Extended Version)
Pray (Peter Luts Remix)
Pray (Flip’ Fill Remix)
Pray (Dave Mccullen Remix)
Pray (Driftwood Remix)
Pray (Kidjemet And Kovac Remix)
Pray (Special Dream Remix)
Pray (Chris One Baxter Mix)
Pray (LMC Remix)

Alone 2002

Alone(Radio Mix)
Alone (Extended Mix)
Alone (Peter Luts Remix)
Alone (Ian Van Dahl Remix)
Alone (Acapella)
Alone (Dj Shog Remix)
Alone (LMC Extended Remix)
Alone (Hiver & Hammer Remix)
Alone (Dj Asaf Shabat Remix)
Alone (Acapella Mix)

Something 2001

Something (Radio Edit)
Something (Wosp Mix)
Something (Extended Mix)
Something (Jimmy Goldschmitz Remix)
Something (Peter Luts Remix)
Something (Mirco De Govia Mix)
Something (Flip’ Fill Remix)